From Mier to Metal: Roberto Diago

August 1, 2019

Tales from the Backroom

In the mid 90’s Robert visited Roberto Diago and purchased from him a large painting titled Mierda which he was supposed to deliver it to me soon after but he never did it. I found out later, several months later, that the piece had been sown in the occasion of an opening of a school, in a small town in eastern Cuba, closed to Santiago de Cuba, which was attended also by the artist Kcho. Kcho made the famous speech, which was recorded in which he complained that the government
of Cuba had never been attentive to the needs of the people of this small town which he called “El culo del perro.”

When it was time to visit with Fidel Castro who was there to preside in the opening of the school he turned to Diago and said but “tú le pones mierda a un cuadro?” and which Diago response was “Comandante, esto no es fácil” and that is the story about that painting which I never received. But in a quick visit of the artist, he said to me: “Look, I’m sorry about that piece. Why don’t you take two pieces of the large works on metal in exchange”. One of the pieces on metal which we still have is illustrated here also, in the presentation.

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