Carolina Sardi: EMPTY SPACES

Our first virtual exhibition in 4 chapters

April 19 – June 30, 2020


Empty spaces are like silence in music, without them you just have noise. The empty space is for me a place to breathe. Those spaces let you see better the shapes that inhabit the composition. Void or negative spaces can have a lot of significance and they represent for me distances and separation.

Carolina Sardi

In a time when we are all confronting our own empty spaces and trying to negotiate a new reality of distance and separation, we are all learning to experience connections in new and innovative ways.

We delve into this exploration in our online exhibition – Carolina Sardi: Empty Spaces. Throughout the duration of this program we will present various chapters which explore the work and space of the artist through different platforms and media.

Chapter 1 will provide us with an intimate look at the studio of Carolina Sardi, giving us the opportunity to look behind the curtain with a video tour of her space and process, including examination of completed works and the various stages and tools involved in getting to a finished work.

Future chapters will delve into the history of the gallery’s experience with Carolina Sardi beginning in 2007 and show the evolution of our relationship, working through exhibitions, installation of commissioned works and collaboration with museums and institutions.

We will further explore the evolution of Sardi’s work through interviews, images and videos starting with her studies in Buenos Aires to her work at the Art Center South Florida and beyond.

Finally, we will examine the many formats that her work has taken on, from wall mounted sculpture, to monumental outdoor installations, to small scale wearable art.

For more information about this artist, please contact the gallery.

+1 305 751 2550

  • April 19

    Chapter 1

    Studio Visit: An intimate look + Virtual PAB

  • May 2

    Chapter 2

    Online Viewing Room

    May 2

  • May 24

    Chapter 3

    Art and Fashion Project: Face mask

  • June 7

    Chapter 4

    In situ: Commission & Acquisitions

    June 7

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