Carolina Sardi: Elements, Matter and Space

September 17 – October 22, 2016

Carolina Sardi: Elements, Matter and Space

“The pieces I am working on are about the deep connections between every component of the universe. We are all made of the same atoms and the same elementary particles that vibrate and fluctuate between existence and non-existence. We are continually interacting with one and another and in doing so we become who we are. We carry within ourselves our individual history, but also our ancestral and universal history.

My work reflects on my personal experiences and this series of pieces have at the same time an archetypical quality to be discovered by who’s looking at them. Collective ideas are embodied on essential shapes and they can be discovered throughout the compositions. An abstract form is rarely void of significance; it carries meaning without sacrificing formalism. Archaic and symbolic references are here mixed with pure aesthetic forms.”

—Carolina Sardi, July 2016

Sardi is best known for her wall installations comprised of organic elements cut from steel and aluminum. The works, while at initial glance seem to be randomly placed, are in fact the result of calculations and engineering, taking into consideration the effects of volume, light and shadow from each element. In a recent series she uses polished gold, copper, or chrome surfaces, in which the viewers can find their own reflections, thereby introducing a variety of added readings. However, there is a visible change in the latest group of pieces, mostly concentrated on the surface treatment. Instead of the bright reflections of previous works, Sardi works in a matte patina treatment that manipulates the steel to look like granite, lapis, turquoise or marble.

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About Carolina Sardi

Carolina Sardi was born in Argentina and was educated at the National University of La Plata, in Argentina, then apprenticed with the sculptor EnnioIommi. Sardi moved to Miami in 1995 and took a studio space at the Art Center on Lincoln Road. Later on, she moved her studio to its present location in Little Haiti. She has been commissioned for several site-specific large-scale installations in many of this city’s acclaimed buildings and private homes, including most recently the newly finished Apogee Hollywood condominiums and Icon Bay project.

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