Carolyn Mara


Using photography as a catalyst for self-discovery, Carolyn walks the line between hiding and performing. deeply interested in the idea that the hidden quadrant of a person’s Johari window holds the most powerful avenue for self-expression, her photographic projects, performance art, and paintings are a quest for understanding.

Carolyn Mara was born in 1979 in Houston, Texas, and was raised in an Italian family. she began her photographic interests during her years at the sacred heart school in Houston. She earned her BS in psychology with a minor in photography from southern methodist university (2002) and an MFA in photography, video, and related media from the school of visual arts in new york city (2006).

From photography, she transitioned into performance art and painting as a means to express herself through movement. Her large-scale abstract paintings are created from a series of throws and strokes made with a mop. She currently sells her mop paintings and is represented by Pan American Art Projects in Miami.

Carolyn has exhibited in multiple gallery spaces in the united states, at PhotoFest Houston, been published in PDN magazine, Saplings Magazine, B&T Australia, and sold work to private clients. Her iPhoneography has been selected and featured in various competitions including the iPhone Photography Awards. Her social media gained notoriety and she was nominated for a Shorty Award in 2020.

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