Ana Meneses


Meneses was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1981. She went to Art School and specialized in Visual Arts. She has lived in many places and done many jobs, and that has been crucial for her development as an artist. In 2016 she decided to fully commit to her artistic career.

Her work focuses on the relationship as individuals and as species with nature and with each other. Always experimenting with new techniques, Meneses is equally comfortable with sculpture, video art, performance, and installations, and uses any of them according to the needs of the project. The latest series, HYPNOPOMPIC DRAWINGS, refers to the almost hypnotic state that we are in upon first waking up in the morning when our “conscious” is not yet completely lucid. This series is composed of drawings created by the artist in this state over the 28-day period of the first lunar cycle of the year, beginning on February 5, 2019. These works are based on the artist’s internal exploration of the sub-conscious, and the visual formalization of what comes to her hand in this semi-hypnotic state. The results are a visual representation of intuitive feelings represented in flashes of images, forms, colors, and sensations.

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