Tracey Snelling

Country: USA
CV: view

Tracey Snelling is an American artist who was born in 1970 in Oakland, California; where she still lives and works. She attended the San Joaquin Delta College, in Stockton, California. Later on she went to the University of New Mexico, in Albuquerque.

Snelling’s work is usually based on a story. Her unique scale models are made from imaginary buildings, sometimes creating small towns. These buildings show fragments of movies in their windows, provoking spectators to look inside, establishing a relationship of complicity with them through voyeurism. The viewer is puzzled by the stories behind each of the characters that inhabit these “buildings” and the connection among them.

Her work has been exhibited extensively in the United States and in Europe. It can be found as part of the collection of important museums and institutions such as the Baltimore Museum of Art, in Baltimore, Maryland; the Museum of Fine Arts, in Houston, Texas; the West Collection, in Pennsylvania; the 21c Museum, Louisville, in Kentucky; the Crocker Art Museum, in Sacramento, and the de Saisset Museum, Santa Clara, both in California.

House of Horrors, 2013

House on the Hill, 2013

Mau Loa, 2012

Bad Moon, 2012

Pantao Alley, 2011

Night Town, 2010

Film Still Zhujiajiao, 2010

I Love China, 2010

Al Pescando, 2008

Mucho Ruido y Pocas Nueces, 2008

Mean Lean Disco, 2008

Bless you God, Our King of the... 2008

Here Billboard, 2007

Here, 2006

Dark Detour, 2006

He'll Kill Big, 2006

Motor Court Murder, 2006

Big Woodland, 2006

Big Blackwater, 2006

Fireside Motel Vacancy, 2005

Sunset Boulevard, 2005

Willie's Place, 2005

Flag Sale, 2005

Fireside Motel, 2005

Blue Swallow Motel, 2005

Hopeless II, 2003

Regency, 2003

Sirloin, 2003

Berlin, 2001

1881 Chestnut Street, 1998