Serge Jolimeau

Country: Haiti
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Born in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti

Jolimeau was discovered in the 1970’s by Pierre Monosiet, Curator of the Musée d’Art Haitien. His work is made with cut sheet metal from oil drums and is only limited by the size of the drum itself. He soon began to integrate modernist elements into his work superimposed on a primitive iconography evolving around Haitian spirituality and the practice of Voodoo.

Much of his work is reminiscent of Egyptian imagery, which sets him apart from other Haitian sculptors of the time, as it is expresses supernatural subject matter with a unique sensuality.

Jolimeau has exhibited in Haiti, Mexico and the U.S. including a show at the  Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Untitled, N.D.

Untitled, N.D.

Untitled, N.D.

Standing Sculpture, N.D.