Philome Obin

Country: Haiti
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Excerpt from Haitian Arts:

Born in Limbé, near Cap Haïtien, Obin began painting while a barber, then a coffee buyer. Upon the founding of the Art Center, he sent a painting, his first “true” work, as he himself describes it, which depicts, with astounding precision, the arrival of Franklin Roosevelt at the Cap Haïtien to put an end to the American occupation, which had been so strongly resisted by the Haitian people.

This discovery was for Peters and his collaborators the revelation of the naïve painting which was incubating in the country. They realized that it must be stimulated and brought to public attention. An annex of the Art Center bringing together as yet unknown artists opened in September 1945 under the leadership of Philomé Obin.

Obin’s style has profoundly marked painting in the North. He painted two murals at the Holy Trinity Cathedral. His role in the development of art in his region has been such that many members of his own family have begun to paint. Eight of the Obin family is expecially esteemed by collectors: Seneque, Antoine, Telemaque, Henri-Claude, Michaelle, Michel, Othon and Jean-Marie Obin.

Des Paysans Revenant, N.D.