Manuel Reyna

Country: Argentina
CV: view

Considered a national treasure in his homeland, Manuel Reyna was born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1912, where he lived and worked until his death in 1989. Trained as a brick mason and self-taught as an artist, Reyna was recently honored by the Museo Caraffa in Cordoba with a major career retrospective.

Reyna’s paintings possess a sense of selflessness as he silently and openly shares his world, his Argentina with the viewer. There is a wonderful sense of solitude within these paintings, a harmony of nature and man communicated through a sensitive approach to color and impeccable attention to composition.

Iglesia de Morteros, 1989

Templo de la Cochinoca, 1988

Virgen de Luban, 1987

Capilla de Ischilin, 1986

Capilla del Rosario, 1984

Compania de Jesus, 1984

Figura visolita I, 1980

Capilla de San Roque, 1979

"Las Palmas" Capilla Colonial, 1977

La Casa Roja, 1976

Untitled, 1974

Chicos en el Caserio, 1968

Interior, 1959