Mabel Poblet

Country: Cuba
CV: view

Voyage Diary is a series in which Mabel invites us to an intimate virtual and real tour towards her past and present. Through these pieces, of circular structure, simulating the iris, it is possible to go into her memories and learn about her emotional states. Several fragments of cut photographs conform every piece of work, which can become abstract if we stare at them from the distance, and if we get closer, we get to perceive figures and objects related to her life; images of past journeys lie on the background, while on the surface there lay her most recent experiences. Deconstruction is a paramount factor, given that memories come like blinks to the creative mind. Mabel opens her suitcase once again to watch photographs, takes her diary out and writes all what she has seen to the moment; a vision that is put as a foundation, serving as a pretext to tell individual and collective variations of her thought.

Gardenscape, 2016.

Oceanscape, 2016.

Acompañada, 2015