Everald Brown

Country: Jamaica
CV: view

Everald Brown’s art and spirituality are intricately bound together. His painting, sculptures and patterned musical instruments, become more vivid as his understanding of his environment, the world and his place in the universe matures. His complex spiritual beliefs that come from a Baptist upbringing and his rastafarian faith, are reflected in imagery full of biblical references, signs, symbols and historical anecdotes. Now into his eighties, the wisdom and skill of his paintings show that he is an artist of special intuition and vision; a true elder of Jamaican art.

Born in 1917, Everald Brown’s spiritual path takes a clear trajectory from a confining orthodoxy under colonialism to a world view that is now syncretic and distinctly Caribbean. Looking at his art in the context of Jamaican history, it is possible to see how his life, beliefs and paintings have been shaped by events significant to the island. It is also clear that his imagery and his role as a seer have had an impact on Jamaicans increasingly alienated from their history. His gifts are peculiar; he is a rare bridge between past and present, between one culture and another, between our daily realities and the spiritual world. He is a link with Jamaican self-hood that we cannot afford to lose.

Drum, N.D.