Elsa Mora

Country: Cuba
CV: view

Elsa Mora is a Cuban artist who was born in 1971, in Holguín, Cuba. She attended The Professional School of Visual Arts, in Camagüey and The Vocational School of Arts, Holguín, both in Cuba. She currently lives and works in New York. Mora’s work can be found at the NMWA- National Museum of Women in the Arts, in Washington DC; as well as in numerous private collections in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Australia, Japan and the United States.

Her work has been included in many exhibitions, most recently in Once Upon a Time: Fairy Tales, Fantasy and Contemporary Art, at the Racine Art Museum, in Racine, Wisconsin.

Inspired by nature, and partially based on the long tradition of botanical illustration, Mora takes passages from the natural world as similes for stages in human life. She is exploring the concept of transformation from a symbiotic point of view, blending vegetation and humans. Mora’s distinctive ‘women’ are created with mixed elements from both worlds; her female torsos have either faces constructed of groupings of birds, or arrangements of flowers for heads resulting in extraordinary surrealistic creatures.

Femina Plantarum #3, 2012

Femina Plantarum #1, 2012

Femina Plantarum #9, 2012

Femina Plantarum #10, 2012

Giant Tear, 2011

Head of Bird, 2011

Head of Feathers, 2011

The Hand and the Rope, 2011

Aprendidendo a Nadar, 2004

Ojos Abiertos, 2004

Sigue Intentando, 2004

Tratando de Volar, 2004

Mi Secreto, 2003

Confesiones, 2003

Amenaza, 2004

Cuerpo, 2003

Relfejo, 2003

Mapa Facial, 2003

La Herida, 2003

La Entrada, 2003

Juana Hands to You Her Bound Heart and Body, 2000

Untitled, 2000