Burton Chenet

Country: Haiti
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b. 1958

Burton Chenet was born in New York of a Haitian father and an American mother; his family returned to Haiti when he was two years old. He returned to the U.S. for high school and received his Bachelors of Fine Arts in New York. Currently residing between Port-au-Prince sand Miami, Chenet takes advantage of his eclectic background: while his iconography is fundamentally Haitian, his techniques and themes reflect the two cultures that he was raised in. While embracing the work of the Haitian masters, Chenet moves forward and addresses the contemporary concerns of his generation. Currently a professor of visual arts at the Ecole Nationale des Artes in Port-au-Prince, Chenet has received many awards and has exhibited in the Caribbean and abroad.

Hieroglyphics, 1997

Heart/Dagger/Snake, 1991

Red Sky Tree, 1991

Star/Heart/Palm, 1991

Screen, N.D.

Sunday Banners, N.D.

Triptych (Right panel), n.d

Triptych (Center panel), n.d

Triptych (Left panel), n.d