Ted Larsen and Carolina Sardi

January 10 – March 2, 2013

Ted Larsen has been working with recycled metal since 2000. The found materials dictate the color and form that comes together like a puzzle as seen in Gimcrack. However random it might appear, Larsen’s work is carefully planned from beginning to end. His creative process can be lengthy; according to the artist “It can take years to develop the forms, with many false starts and revisions.” It is precisely this premeditated and conscious approach of art that makes Larsen’s pieces so far-reaching. His thoughtful method includes the titles he gives to the pieces, often bringing in philosophical concepts. 

Carolina Sardi’s Fairy Tales  continues working on her series Wall Installations, Landscapes, People and Rain. This time she is introducing a new finish to the pieces by using the process of plating the steel in gold, chrome, copper and silver finishes. The end results are these beautifully finished elements, in which the shadows behind them are complemented by the reflections in front: standing in front of the pieces the viewer is confronted by their own image. As Sardi said “these effects are addressing the question of form and essence, what is real and what is not and the mythical idea of the man reflecting in a mirror as Narcissus once did.”
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