Summer Salon

June 12 – August 15, 2010

With the frenzied chaos of Art Basel put to rest, the warm summer months provide the perfect occasion to catch a calm, candid peek of the burgeoning Miami Art Scene. For those young locals looking to learn more about art, and jumpstart their collections, Pan American Art Projects presented Summer Salon a refreshing exhibition showcasing a variety of artworks under $2,500. The exhibition acted as an introductory opportunity into the world of art collecting by presenting works of diverse techniques and thematic concerns. True to our goal, we have chosen artists of varying nationalities and brought them together to portray an array of perspectives and themes. Hung salon style the artworks range from photographic installations to abstract compositions to create a striking visual dialogue. Without jeopardizing artistic integrity and merit, all works featured are within a price-point that won’t break the bank; check out or section “the store” for special discounts during this show.

Participating Artists:
Francis Acea
Gustavo Acosta
Jose Benito
Ernesto Berra
Andrea Cote
Carlos Estevez
Daniel Joglar
Ted Larsen
Armando Mariño
Santiago Porter
Magnus Sigurdarson
Tracey Snelling
Pablo Soria
Luis Enrique Camejo

Store Artists:
Zaida Del Rio
Eric Cadien
Nelson Dominguez
Moises Finale
Andres Garcia Benitez
Milton George
Minerva Lopez