Reliquary/Inside the Box

March 6 – April 25th, 2015

The idea behind Carlos Estevez’s Reliquary exhibit was similar to that of reliquaries in the religious world, but instead of physical remains the artist left traces and clues of his spiritual beliefs in the boxes. Through the many symbolic elements included in the boxes we can find out his philosophy, ideas, thoughts, and feelings, left by him encoded for us to interpret. The exhibition contained nine assemblages or boxes. 

Inside the Box brought together pieces by artists who have done assemblages, mostly in a box form. Ricardo Brey is represented by two of his boxes, which contain collected objects and handmade books and original drawings. Two boxes from the Fire Box series by Nora Correa take us to her intimate world. Carlos Gallardo was known for his assemblages, mostly for his mailboxes, of which we exhibited two. There were four pieces by Eduardo Ponjuan Gonzalez from the nineties, which are transformations of books. Hilal Sami takes on the book idea and makes exquisite renderings in copper, encased in acrylic boxes. Carolina Sardi isolates some of her brilliant organic elements in a pristine square capsule, bringing to our attention the beauty of each form.

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