Luis Cruz Azaceta and Luis Enrique Camejo

April 18 – May 25, 2013

Luis Cruz Azaceta: UP*SIDE*DOWN

These pieces illustrate a departure in his imagery. Although he is still commenting on social issues, in his previous series of works the artist transmitted directly his intentions through his powerful images, especially his trademark distorted human figures. In these new pieces the message is disguised in these semiabstract forms of bright colors, and the titles become a guide to the real intentions behind each piece.

Luis Cruz Azaceta: Sandy Hook Shooting Series

In the Project Room we presented a selection of pieces by Azaceta inspired by the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. This tragic incident and the associations derived from other recent shootings around the country, inspired Azaceta: in these works he uses child-like imagery as a direct reference to the involvement of children. The crudeness of the imagery is meant to shock, a cruel reminder of the lives lost and hopefully an awakening call. These pieces are closer to his characteristic human figures, distorted by the horror of the incident represented. Azaceta isolated the faces to draw attention to on the emotional factor.

Luis Enrique Camejo: Miami Cool

Luis Enrique Camejo illustrates his impressions about Miami, focusing on Miami Beach with its pedestrian zones and on downtown with its tall buildings and car traffic. His paintings are like a virtual tour through the city, illustrating recognizable or forgotten city corners at an almost life size. The images become almost documental; Camejo chose to represent different parts of the city, including some that have changed since his last visit. He captures details of urban life such as the interruptions and the traffic congestion provoked by open bridges in downtown.







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