Carolina Sardi and Ted Larsen 

March 13 – April 17, 2010

In a society obsessed with excess, it is rare to come across two artists who base their visual idiom on minimalist beliefs. The works of Carolina Sardi and Ted Larsen share creative chemistry, engaging in a discourse that transcends basic elements and explores the fundamental nature of their worlds.

Carolina Sardi’s wall installations are poetic equations that dissect the artist’s world. Titling many of her pieces Associations, Sardi makes precise use of formal artistic elements that resonate beyond aestheticism. As the artist best explains, “Although I work mainly with steel, my pieces have an organic sensibility that reflects my interest in the basic interactions of life.” Sardi’s latest series titled Constellations delicately traces celestial paths. The sophisticated Calder-like sculptures are a departure from her previous series of colorful free-flowing installations. Even though these works are single pieces, rather than combinations of individually installed shapes, they possess the speed and sleek mobility of shooting stars.

Born and raised in Argentina, Sardi earned her Master’s Degree in Sculpture at the National University of La Plata, where she also studied Architecture and Urbanism with the artist Enio Iommi. Carolina has been living and working in Miami since 1995.

Ted Larsen began working with salvaged materials in 2000. In 2008 he was awarded the acclaimed Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant Award, the following year he was the recipient of the Edward Albee Foundation Residency Fellowship. Larsen has dedicated the last decade to experimentation with reclaimed materials, resulting in self-referential works that speak little of the object they once were. In his latest series the artist explores the importance of the individual as a component of the “whole”. He has translated this internal dialogue into works like Volume Control a wall sculpture comprised of small boxes arranged in a maze-like pattern. The work forces the viewer to break down the sculpture into its basic components, and thus retrace the artist’s process. Left with no point of reference, the viewer must attempt to introduce an unfamiliar object into an objectified world. Larsen’s sculptures transcend aesthetic beauty, allowing each viewer to assign them a place in his own world.

Born in Southaven, Michigan, Larsen graduated with a BA from Northern Arizona University. He currently lives and works in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

Project Room: The Merger

The Merger, a collaborative venture by Cuban artists Mario Miguel Gonzalez (Mayito), Niels Moleiro, and Alain Pino, create witty sculptures influenced by the likes of Claes Oldenburg. The Merger recreate ubiquitous and mundane objects on a grand scale, presenting palatable socio-political metaphors to their viewers.

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