Argentine Photography

June 1 – July 6, 2013

Argentine Photography featured works by Gian Paolo Minelli, Santiago Porter, Graciela Sacco, Pablo Soria, and Lucia Warck-Meister.

Gian Paolo Minelli and Graciela Sacco use space as the protagonist in their works. Minelli’s stark views of an empty penitentiary imply stories of people that pass through there. In Sacco’s images space symbolizes transition and the constant movement of people.

Santiago Porter, on the other hand, chose to illustrate a social situation by portraying the buildings that represent the economic collapse of the country. Porter took his images early in the morning, creating an eerie effect of desolation.

Pablo Soria and Lucia Warck-Meister’s works are very intimate. Both artists are dealing with identity. Soria portrays places of his native Tucuman, abandoned houses and bucolic landscapes. Lately he incorporates his own image as an ethereal presence in the scenes. His pieces are embedded with nostalgia and yearning for a past time.

Warck-Meister’s elegant compositions, especially her Invisible Cities series, are like divertimentos captured in a fleeting moment. The hypnotic and calming sensation produced by the cold palette in the spectrum of blues invites to introspection.

Project Room # 1 – Latin American Photography

In this room we will present a selection of contemporary artists who work with photography. Vik Muniz is represented by two of his most famous series: Diamonds and Chocolate. The glamorous portraits of Jackie Kennedy and Maria Callas are made up by sparkling diamonds and a famous religious scene of a crucifixion from a Caravaggio painting is recreated in chocolate.

The two pieces by Rosangela Renno show her interest in exploring new procedures within the field: one of the pieces combines negatives with fabric, while the second one is more “technical”, emphasizing the printing aspect.

Jose Manuel Fors also has two pieces on exhibition, both good examples of his “fragmented” method in which visual memories become compositions organized in the manner of a puzzle.

Mabel Poblet, the youngest artist in the exhibition, is represented by one of her autobiographic pieces, where her front and profile images are superimposed on the flickering lights of a metropolitan silhouette.

Project Room # 2

This room offers an intimate view of traditional photography. The works of Joaquin Blez, Raul Corrales, Marcel Gautherot and Flor Garduño.

Blez is represented by two of his typical erotic nudes. Gautherot’s and Garduño’s pieces are registering traditional scenes, the first one captures a religious ritual in Brazil and the second one daily life activities associated with a market day in Mexico. Corrales’ and Korda’s views are more documental and recorded events related Cuba’s recent history.

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