December 6, 2013 - February 4, 2014

Press Release

Pan American Art Projects is very pleased to announce our next exhibition,FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY,by Cuban artist Ricardo Brey. This will be his first solo show in a gallery in the United States. It comprises pieces from different periods and media, including two in situ installations. In a statement about the show the artist writes: “We have art in order not to die of reality”Friedrich Nietzsche. One of the cornerstones of my work over the last few years has been using the term Lagerstätten * taken from the German language for the description of mother lode fossil places and geological sites , if applied to the study of paleontology it uncovers how life goes on and multiplies in time and space. I would say this exhibition at Pan American Art Projects follows this pillar. "FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY” is a lagerstätte of different years (1998-2013) where I present three dimensional and two-dimensional works.Works like “Snake Charmer “(1998 ) in which form and content give life economically to an image where the music appears as a conductor thread, with object and meaning coming together. Recent works like “Boxes” (2009 - present) reflect the need for secret containers in a continuous claim to our conscience, calling for constantly renewed attention. I think it's an exhibition that validates the idea of cyclic work that has always fascinated me in which a “filo de tempore” can build a bridge spanning 20 years of exploration, not thinking as a unity but as a multiplicity of visions. Ricardo Brey Gent October, 2013 - * Lagerstätte (German; literally "storage place"; plural Lagerstätten) is a sedimentary deposit that exhibits extraordinary fossils with exceptional preservation. About the Artist: Ricardo Brey was born in1955 in Havana, Cuba. He currently lives and works in Gent, Belgium. Brey was educated at the San Alejandro Academy, and at the National School of Art, both in Havana, Cuba. He was a member of the ground-breaking artistic group Volumen I. He moved to Europe in 1990 and has been living and working there since then. His work has been exhibited at Documenta IX, Kassel, the Biennial of Sao Paulo, the Havana Biennial &the Venice Biennial.In 1998 he received the Prize from the Flemish Ministry of Culture and a Guggenheim Fellowship for Installation Art &Sculpture and was nominated as Artist of Reference by the Cera Foundation in 2005. His works can be found in many collections around the world, among those SMAK, Museum of Contemporary Art, Gent, Belgium; Lenbachhaus, Munich, Germany;Watary-UM, Museum of Cantemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan; Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, La Habana, Cuba; Museum Ludwig, Köln, Germany; Stedelijk Museum, Den Haag, Netherlands; Fonds Régionaux d'art contemporain -FRAC- , Paris, France; Collection Rosa and Carlos De la Cruz, Miami, Florida and at CIFO. Ella Cisneros Fontanals Art Collection, Miami, Florida.